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RBT Supervision & Training

Updated: Feb 26

Written by: Sindy Victor, MS, BCBA, LBA

A Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) is a paraprofessional certified in behavior analysis. RBTs assist in delivering behavior-analytic services and practice under the direction and close supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Because the RBT certification was originally designed for settings in which a BCBA or BCaBA is already providing behavior-analytic services, applying to become an RBT is most likely to occur after the employee has been hired by the organization. Then, the RBT candidate will continue their work assisting qualified BCBAs and/or BCaBAs in their service-delivery activities. Regularly, a behavior technician providing direct support to a client is required to receive at least 1 hour of direct supervision for every 8 hours of direct therapy.

According to the BACB, in order to earn the RBT certification, you must meet certain eligibility requirements and pass the RBT certification exam. “These requirements were established to ensure that entry-level behavior technicians have demonstrated the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for delivering behavior analysis services under the supervision of a qualified supervisor” (BACB, 2021). Swarthy Lion Behavioral Health & Wellness, will prepare all RBT candidates to apply for the RBT Certification exam who meet the following criteria: 

Benefits Of Supervision

  1. Establishing professional boundaries

  2. Setting clear expectations for treatment integrity

  3. Promotes collaboration between the technician and the clinician

  4. Fosters an environment of open communication

  5. An opportunity to gain insight from appropriate role models

  6. Receive ongoing feedback and support to address professional goals

ALL Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT) are required to receive ongoing supervision from a BCBA in order to maintain a valid RBT certification. The RBT will receive ongoing performance feedback via in-person and remote service delivery methods as needed throughout the course of the supervision relationship. The RBT is responsible for maintaining documentation and ensuring competency assessments are up to date. According to the BACB, as an RBT you must: 

receive ongoing supervision that meets the RBT supervision, supervisor, and documentation requirements adhere to the RBT Ethics Code and Self-reporting Requirements

complete an RBT renewal application every year, including an RBT Renewal Competency Assessment and fees, to maintain your certification



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