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ABA Program Features



In Applied Behavior Analysis, modeling is a practical way for a therapist to successfully train new skills. This involves the practitioner demonstrating appropriate interactions with the child's unwanted behaviors in the presence of caregivers.



Autistics deserve to have their sensory regulation needs met across caregivers and environments. This involves having open discussions with family members about behavioral observations and understanding concepts like ableism, assent, and the function(s) of problem behaviors. 



A highly ethical environment will operate and maintain standards that are in the best interest of the client. With our Behavior Analyst, the caregiver(s) will identify environmental parameters (ex. how many rooms/items/people in the home does your child have access to) that potentially limit access to opportunities for social behavior(s). 



Our response to caregiver participation is to discuss what has changed and where the individual/family has room for improvement in the home and community settings. 

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