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Early Autism Intervention


An early autism diagnosis could mean...


Developing Meaningful Bonds

Early intervention aims to help your child learn essential skills for building meaningful relationships. By teaching children to engage in functional play with age appropriate activities a specialist can help develop problem-solving skills, self-control, socialization and communication.

Teaching Daily Living Skills

Children receiving early intervention support may show potential for increased academic readiness and to better be able to complete activities of daily living. Independence with skills like toothbrushing, hand washing, and toileting are the foundation for positive soical outcomes.

Autism Therapy
Mother and Child

Reaching Developmental Milestones

The connections in a child's brain are most adaptable in the first three years of life. These connections are the foundation for learning, behavior, and health. Over time, these connections become harder to change. This is why intervention is likely to be more effective when provided earlier in a child's life.


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