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Swarthy Story

Swarthy Lion is a shop with a cause inspired by 3 C's: Christ, colorism, and childhood trauma.  The online retail store will feature originally designed t-shirts for all sex, shape, and size. The Sole Proprietorship is owned by Sindy Victor,  a Behavior Analyst motivated to use evidence-based information and history, in an innovative effort to raise social awareness. The transformative impact of her own personal "church hurt," darker complexion bias growing up in the black community, daily observed need for increased awareness of diverse causes impacting minority communities, all paired with a passion for fashion, birthed the social shopping experience. The name "Swarthy Lion," most closely translates to 'the black lion' as swarthy is defined as dark-skinned or the urban term black. Although the black lion is merely a mythical phenomenon, our logo seeks to make a fashion statement out of colorism by illustrating the feminine power of the animated lioness. 


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