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Behavioral Health Consultation

Updated: Nov 9

Behavioral health is a discipline that refers to a person’s physical and mental health as a result of behaviors they perform on a routine basis. This is how we describe the connections between our behaviors and the well-being of the body, mind, and spirit. The term behavioral health is often used interchangeably with mental health. Different types of behavioral health treatment services are beneficial for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of childhood disorders these include:

  • ABA Therapy

  • Mental health counseling

  • Substance abuse counseling

  • Marriage and Family Therapy

  • Psychotherapy

Behavioral Health is also important to increasing job satisfaction and improving overall quality of life (AMA, 2023).

Swarthy Lion Behavioral Health & Wellness LLC provides consultation services centered on teaching applications of self management in order to support our clients in meeting health & fitness objectives. Family members are encouraged to collaborate with the Behavior Analyst throughout the course of treatment to promote positive outcomes across environments. Collaboration and referral to other skilled professionals will also be provided and is beneficial to maintaining a cohesive scope of treatment.

To address mental health and associated symptoms in a child or adult with autism please request a referral from your Behavior Analyst. We offer ABA Therapy services for individuals diagnosed with autism between the ages of 24 months and 22 years old. Click here to learn more about ABA and register for an initial consultation or call us at 470) 829-1333.

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