Our Cause, Analysis, and Plan of Care


Prevalence of Autism

Autism Spectrum disorders (ASD) defined as a broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication increased its impact on children by greater than 78% in the last decade. Currently, 1 in 54 children are impacted by ASDs (Vohra et. al, 2013). African American children with ASD are diagnosed at older ages than are Caucasian children and Hispanic children are less likely than Caucasian children to be diagnosed with ASD at all (Mandall et. al, 2009). This points to an overall need for higher quality autism services across diverse ethnic groups. High quality and most effective treatment practices are centered in Speech Therapy, ABA Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Pharmalogical Therapy, as well as, alternative treatments found effective for caregivers but not qualified by evidence-based research. 


Issues with Diversity & Inclusion

Families of children with autism determined to be apart of a lower socioeconomic group receive an overall lower quality of professional and medical treatment services (Smith et al., 2020). However, researchers could be making overgeneralizations in their findings due to an overall lack of race, ethnicity, and nationality reporting from participants. Currently, only 17.9% of autism intervention research participants report their cultural backgrounds. According to research from The University of Washington College of Education, race and ethnicity are often overlooked when developing evidence-based practices for treating individuals with developmental disabilities (West et al., 2016). It is crucial to the growth and development of this population, that interventionists have the supporting information to develop culturally sensitive clinical support plans. Having an increased amount of culturally and linguistically diverse study participants could increase the value of educational research & support.


Our Strategy

Research indicates that race and ethnicity are often overlooked when developing evidence-based support practices for individuals with autism (West et. al., 2016). Applied Behavior Analysis therapy is most commonly used to treat maladaptive behavioral symptoms and to teach functional living skills to these individuals. According to, Dr. Ivar Lovaas 90% of children who receive applied behavior analysis (ABA) based support services achieve success (Lovaas, O. I., 1987). By developing a diverse service delivery platform inclusive of high quality evidence-based treatment practices, Swarthy Lion Ltd. Co., will offer a service location where researchers can access diverse participants for case study and related advancements to the field. Services will include clinical supervision of direct ABA implementation, developmental milestones assessments, behavioral consultation, in addition to the use of predominantly play-based interventions and naturalistic teaching methods.


Our Vision

Individuals with autism and related disabilities may have challenges developing independence, while self-confidence remains one of the most influential drivers and regulators of behavior in people's every day lives (Bandura, 1986). Our vision is to use the scientific methods of ABA in order to increase self-confidence and autonomy across individuals of all neurodevelopment types. The uniqueness of our service delivery platform will include the use of art & fashion to promote confidence and increase the general population's awareness of autism spectrum disorders. In addition, we hope to provide our potential clients with opportunities to interact socially with the diverse groups of leaders that work to form our partnerships. We affirm our commitment to service by donating 10% of all online retail orders received to Autism Speaks. Sindy Victor, MS, BCBA, LBA is presently working to establish Swarthy Lion Ltd. Co. as an independent service provider of quality and diverse ABA services in Atlanta, Georgia. The projected start date for accepting in-home ABA service clients will be confirmed soon.