If you're familar with the term "reinforcement," it was the work of B.F. Skinner that brought this theory to the world. The idea that behavior that is reinforced (or followed by pleasant consequences) tends to be repeated and unpleasant consequences (following a behavior) are less likely to occur in the future. 

Without the servitude or service of B.F. Skinner, pioneer of the the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, we would not have the insight and response to so many basic human phenomenons today. Swarthy Lion is a woman-owned small business under the creative direction of Sindy Victor, MS, BCBA. We encourage everyone to serve whether you're a BCBA, RBT, or just plain human through love, let's serve one another. 

Skinner Serve Tee

  • T-shirts listed as "made to order," will be printed in the order they were received. Please allow up to 3 weeks from the day your order was placed, for the shirt to be handmade to order and shipped to your location. (Processing time may experience additional delays due to covid-19, in this event we will periodically update you on the status of your order). 

    *Note graphic designs by Swarthy Lion, printing completed by a professional art & graphics printer.*


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