The Unique Accessories Collection features hand selected jewelry and souvenirs that are intended to symbolize the unique spectrum of individuals that we serve. Swarthy Lion shoppers are from diverse ethnic and professional backgrounds, equipped with a diverse set of talents and abilities. Each of our conscious shirt wearers deserves a unique accessory to go along with their purchase:


The "Back to Africa" Layered Necklace boasts 3 gold layered chains with a studded elephant, the bust of Nefertiti, and a map of the motherland Africa. Restoring integrity in the black community largely depends upon the African diaspora understanding their roots. As descendants of African slaves in America; black history take us back to Africa. 

Back to Africa Layered Necklace

  • Refrain from wearing while wet (in the shower, swimming, etc as these activities will cause your jewelry to wear & tear faster). 


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