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The Unique Accessories Collection features hand selected jewelry and souvenirs that are intended to symbolize the unique spectrum of individuals that we serve. Swarthy Lion shoppers are from diverse ethnic and professional backgrounds, equipped with a diverse set of talents and abilities. Each of our conscious shirt wearers deserves a unique accessory to go along with their purchase:


The "Ayiti Pendant Necklace" is a beautiful gold statement necklace carved out with the geographic map of the island of Haiti and boasts a 45cm gold chain.


Presently, Haiti like many other countries have been impacted by covid-19. Unfortunately while cases of this deadly virus continue to increase, there are reportedly only 2 laboratories across the entire island able to process covid-19 tests. This means the country is vastly limited in it's ability to serve and diagnose individuals impacted by the coronavirus. 

Ayiti Pendant Necklace

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  • Do not wear your accessories while wet or submerge in water. For lasting results place in a cloth (duster) bag when not wearing. 

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