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Unique Spectrum Volunteer Service

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

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Unique Spectrum Volunteer Service

Program Description: Our social wellness objective is to create opportunities for neurodiverse people to be social! We invite our online community members & in-person shoppers to join us here in Atlanta and volunteer with organizations that serve individuals with autism.

In the future, we hope to provide a social space in our clinic to support clinical social engagement groups, provide recreational activities, and build meaningful connections with autistic teens and adults.

Who is it for?

Autistic teens and adults (18 years +)

Non-autistic teens and adults (18 years +)

Who can volunteer?

Volunteers can serve as social models for building meaningful and positive relationships. This can be a great service opportunity for students seeking to build careers working with individuals who have special needs. We will need enthusiastic and friendly individuals to set up workshop tables and interact with our guests. We also need photography volunteers who can take pictures during hands-on lessons.

Organizations and providers who are seeking community leaders to facilitate group activities for autistic teens and adults (must already have a venue) can contact Sindy by email:

When is the next event?

Our goal is to volunteer in a small group three times a year with dates and times to be announced. Join us for the Atlanta Autism Speaks Walk later this year!

How do I sign up?

Visit us online at and complete the volunteer application.

Look forward to building with you! ~Sindy