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What is it? Our Vision...

If we are genuine in our desire to know the truth, evidence can change our behavior. Research indicates that giving can decrease stress, increase self esteem, and improve social connection. We want to embolden the people of Atlanta to change the way we treat mental and physical health. Swarthy Lion presents #ThinkofAtlanta a spiritual wellness initiative to encourage giving. Give a smile, recycle a resource, and treat people well. Click here to send us a message and let us know what you're already doing to #ThinkofAtlanta.

Did you know? When you give a smile...

When you smile at or with someone, stress reducing hormones are released in the body. Atlanta is ranked one of the best places for singles in the United States. With a growing job market and a slew of young professionals it's no surprise that the city becomes home to many unwed men & women. Unfortunately, being single and alone can cause someone to become very lonely. Pervasive loneliness can impact mental health. If you see a person eating alone, give a smile and some polite conversation. Friendly faces make it so much easier to feel at home.

Did you know? When you recycle...

Recycling can improve your mental health by jump starting the process of releasing happiness chemicals in your brain. Atlanta city volunteers counted a homeless population size of 2,017, just this past year! For so many people facing homelessness there is a history of trauma and other mental health disorders. This makes support from our local neighbors essential. If you have extra clothing, food, money or even motivation to clean up litter on the streets, the people of Atlanta will thank you for helping keep beautiful.

Did you know? You can help by treating people well.

Treating people well makes you a model for teaching others how people deserve to be treated. Although we're all responsible for our own wellness it takes the kindness of others to keep us encouraged. Kindness can relieve the desire for isolation and create a sense of belonging. 1 in 5 people in the United States have been diagnosed with a mental illness. In the state of Georgia, 45% of adults with breakdowns in mental health did not receive the health care needed because of medical costs. This places emphasis on the people of Atlanta to treat others as they would wanted to be treated; well.

"The Golden Rule,"....

"In everything therefore, treat people the way you would want them to treat you." (Matt. 7:12) We taking responsibility for treating autistic and non-autistic people well. We are seeking to demonstrate the powerful and positive effects of giving on mental and physical health, help us out by taking our online survey (click here to take a survey).

When does it start?

The #ThinkofAtlanta social change objective will be active on all Swarthy Lion social media platforms starting this Thursday, October 27, 2022. Follow us on Instagram: @swarthylionbehavior Facebook: @swarthylionbehavior Linkedin: Swarthy Lion to stay tuned.

How do I get involved?

It's easy! Take a selfie or group photo of a random act of kindness [a thoughtful gesture or activity] you or your friends contribute to the City of Atlanta, and post it online with the hashtag 'Think of Atlanta' (#ThinkofAtlanta). We want people to be inspired by you. Click here to join the Lion Tribe and stay tuned for more updates!

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