The Fall of Man

Updated: May 2

Scene set in the Garden of Eden:

Based on The Book of Genesis Chapter 3

The woman standing naked and alone waited quietly for her husband, onlooking the forbidden fruit. The serpent, standing tall among the trees approaches her with sweet words like "just try it ... you'll become like Him filled with the knowledge of good and evil." Those words must have been moving because in a split moment of time destruction and chaos fell upon the entire world. The garden had been stripped of it's purpose and now represents a landing strip for descending planes full of scared humans. Some dressed in luxury, others business casual, many wearing whatever makes them feel the most comfortable, fashionable statements of self-expression like the Colorism 3000 t-shirt paired with some Nike sneakers! Whatever you decide to wear on the journey, humans have long been extracted from the garden of purpose and placed into an unnatural part of the land. Faced with the challenging responsibility of repentance from destructive behaviors.

Genesis Chapter 3:20-21 (NASB)

In the middle of the Garden of Eden sat two forbidden trees. The tree of eternal life, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Apart from them no living thing, shrub or four-legged feline existed with a knowledge of insecurity, shame, worry, guilt, self-hatred, suicidal thought, severe aggression, depression, hate, or despair. The world was good. Now Eve, as she was named after the fall, was fashioned from the man's rib and given the identity of "woman," meaning taken from man. They existed first in God's mind, and then were formed from dust with a purpose to cultivate the earth. Adam, the first man formed from the earth was given careful instructions to watch over the woman and lead her. He was asleep when Eve came forth, but immediately recognized her as an extension of himself. Then, he named her, just as he had named all the animals, 'wo-man', bone of his bones, flesh of his flesh. He must have left her unattended for at least a moment because the serpent gained access to her. He tempted her with sweet words and caroused her to eat the only food on Earth that the Lord God had instructed them not to eat. The instruction was first given to Adam, however, it must have slipped his mind when he returned and saw the piece of desirable fruit and chose to eat with the woman. Perhaps, he didn't know the destruction that awaited because what happens next is the very reason why we're all here.

ABA Theory of responses and consequences

A show-down in heaven. I imagine God must be livid. His wonderful new idea, the friends he's been spending all His time with betray Him. Why? ...Because a sublte rearranging of words attacked their minds and provoked them to depart from the original plan. God, can't just give up on them; He loves them too much. So I reckon, another intervention must be devised in order to save the humans from themselves. Born of complete innocence and goodness, in the image of all things pure & holy, they now have an awareness of their naked differences and hide from the Creator. God in His infinite wisdom arrives with their consequence, and likely when He's had just about enough of humans acting in their own authority to ask the man a peculiar question. "Where are you?"(v. 9) A rhetorical question likely meaning why have you strayed from our convenant or why are you hiding behind the bushes? Adam and Eve using fig leaves to hide their distinctions from one another look for words but only seem to come up with blame. "The woman you gave to be with me, made me do it..."(v.12) and God in His omniscience says, "Because you have listened to your wife, and have eaten from the tree... cursed is the ground." (v.17). Today it seems men and women around the world have difficulty accepting responsibility for their individual actions. A great sign of immaturity. A lack of developed spiritual relationship with the Saviour caused them to blame each other instead of simply telling the Father, who they knew loved them, the truth. As a result of their defiant behavior God reprimanded them and prompted them to exit the garden. "Now ... the Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife, and clothed them"(v. 21). What they considered suitable for clothing, the fig leaves, would quickly deteriorate in value. What God offered them was of higher quality, lasting 'exceedingly longer than they could ever ask or think' (Ephesians 3:20).

The first lie told on earth satisfied the crafty serpent and thus increased subsequent instances of telling untruths that distort our perception of ourselves and hinder our relationships with God. Ever told a lie and got away with it? Then, as a result of being able to escape responsibility with lies you tell more lies and before you know it you've lost your natural identity and take on the personality of a "liar."

Don't take this personally, untruths come in many forms. People wake up and tell themselves "I'll work out later," or "this is my last piece of candy." Then, get out of bed make a cup of coffee, head to work, do some online shopping for workout gear, scroll through Instagram liking pictures of people working out but never take any steps towards picking up the exercise equipment and physically exercising their bodies. Then, we say "oh.. I'll do it tomorrow." The bed of lies continues until eventually we're overweight, unhappy with ourselves, and genuinely too mentally and physically drained to even think we can try to start working out again. This is just an example of the lies we tell and have been telling since the beginning of time. It keeps us from relationship, from being happy with ourselves, and from gaining the mental strength and energy needed to develop our God given talents. The confusion of human identity began there in the garden, but has multiplied across humans of today. Some of us consider plastic surgery and strict diets. We drink, smoke, and find vices to esape our problems. Our children are being born 1 in 54 with autism spectrum disorders, a developmental disorder that often influences maladaptive behavior(s). Destruction has marred the earth.

The author of lies was doomed to his belly into a weaker form of what we now know as the snake, but he sews threads of lies into our mental fabrics day after day. What we watch, consume, share, and conceive must be carefully manipulated to reflect the individual desires we seek to achieve rather than the destructive words that may exist in our minds. Self-confidence defined as a feeling of trust in your abilities, judgements, and achievements is required in order to cultivate purpose: a meaning for existence. Maintaining self-confidence is the first step in the direction of establishing identity: the actualization of who and what you believe you are. If you are looking for purpose you must first establish a relationship with your Creator. I encourage you to read the story of creation in Genesis 3 and align your life with God's intended design. As you do this, He will order your steps and begin to show you how to pray, what to ask for, and then provide you with the faith and ability to achieve said goals. It all starts with action. The bible says, "faith without works is dead"(James 2:17). The return of the fallen man begins with establishing identity, purpose, and maintaining confidence thereafter.

Need a recipe for more confidence? Set a goal, take action, and reward yourself. Repeat this several times a week and see if your life doesn't begin to take off!

Written by: Sindy Victor, MS, BCBA, LBA