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Shopping Behavior Analysis

Updated: Jan 28

What is it?

Shopping Behavior Analysis refers to the process of collecting data on the actions of customers in a retail setting (Raydiant, 2022). In our Behavior Shop we measure the actions of each customer in order to identify their buying preferences and patterns. During these events we will evaluate the following:

In-person shopping

  1. Customer attendance: refers to the number of people that attend to or interact with our in-person wellness table.

  2. Latency to purchase: refers to the amount of time each customer spends with a product(s) before entering the checkout line.

  3. Checkout duration: refers to the length of customer wait time during order checkout.

  4. Customer satisfaction: refers to customer satisfaction reports captured through open-ended surveys.

Online shopping

  1. Traffic by time of day: refers to the number of customers per hour (specifically designated sales hours)

  2. Item sales over time: refers to the number of orders per item history (also indicates buyer reactivity)

  3. Customer satisfaction: refers to customer satisfaction reports captured through an online poll at customer checkout.

The data we collect about your shopping preferences helps us improve product quality, reduce customer wait times, and provide ongoing opportunities to support and interact with the autism community.

Why does it matter?

Our social wellness objective is to motivate neurodiverse people to get social. Researchers estimate between 70-95% of people with an autism spectrum disorder also have a psychiatric or mental health disorder (Mosner et al., 2019). This can increase the likelihood of poor relationships and cause pervasive loneliness. We are seeking to make a change by offering autistic and non-autistic people an opportunity to volunteer at our Unique Spectrum fundraisers and events in honor of the autism community. Stress and depression are often linked to inner strife, so by socially connecting with autistic people through volunteerism or making a donation we can help shift their focus. The new insight and perspective gained through these experiences can lessen the impact of negative thoughts and make room for an increase in confidence (Talkspace, 2019).

Where does it happen?

Our Behavior Shops are held in-person and online for a limited time only. Event dates will be announced on our website and products will be featured in a physical location, as well as, in our online store. The hours of each in-person event will be determined by the location. During this time the online store will be open for domestic and international orders and closed simultaneously with the physical event.