Addressing Health & Wellness To Improve Communication

Updated: Nov 16

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge"(Hosea 4:6). In order to address the condition of humanity as a whole, we must first address the understanding of each individual. Impairments in mental health typically lead to breakdowns in physical health. As a result of not thinking well, people will not behave well. The ability to communicate appropriately is influenced by how well you understand that what you eat and do make you better and how often you address those objectives in your daily life. Mental health and physical health are key factors in establishing, abolishing, and maintaining our relationships.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an effective talk therapy intervention that denotes maladaptive cognitions contribute to the maintenance of emotional distress and behavioral problems (Hoffman, et al., 2012). Our ability to understand ourselves and express our emotions will influence how successful a CBT intervention will be. Although we all have different and most preferred communication styles, it is ultimately the responsibility of both men and women to behave in such a way that demonstrates understanding for their unique differences in order to produce successful relationship outcomes. In behavior analytic terms, communication is referred to as "verbal behavior," and consists of a social interaction between a speaker and a listener. A speaker can motivate a listener to speak by accommodating the communication preferences of their social partner. For example, an individual with autism may not display impairments in receptive language, but have difficulties with expressive or vocal behavior. He or she may prefer to use written or visual communication to express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

The Garden Of Eden is an experimental setting that God created to address the behaviors of first humans (Adam and Eve). Forming Adam first, God provided instructions for his mental and physical health: a place to live, food to eat, and of course, a place to work. Adam successfully paired all of the animals together, demonstrating the achievement of some physical wellness, then the Lord evaluated the first man's environment and decided he would also need to address his emotional wellness and protect his social wellness. "It is not good for man to be alone, I will make a helper suitable for him (Genesis 2:18)." God put Adam to sleep while he created Eve (v. 21-22). A physical wellness activity that promotes optimal health. The first woman was created as man's equal and taken from his rib to serve alongside him. As a result of a breakdown in spiritual wellness, the crafty serpent motivated the woman to eat some forbidden fruit outside of her discipline to God (3 v 6). This destroyed the communication between the man and the woman and has caused severe breakdowns in human wellness (well being). [Read the entire Genesis Creation Story Here]!

A pining question asked and answered by theologian, Dr. Myles Munroe in his book Understanding The Purpose and Power of a Woman "how do you live harmoniously with someone who is different from you?" ... He says, the answer is "to understand the purposes and designs of females and males that influence their communication styles." When the human condition was designed in The Garden Of Eden, we were given provision for optimal health. Connection to God, food, work, rest, and sexual activity. These unconditioned motivators can increase the frequency and value of future communication between a speaker and a listener. By addressing these objectives daily, people have the power to improve their well-being.

Today is another opportunity to improve your human condition, and we hope you get well. Come have healthy conversation with U.S. at our very first Wellness Pop-Up in Atlanta on Monday, November 21st (click here for more details)!

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