End Systemic Racism: A List of Black-Owned Brands & Designers We Love!

Updated: May 2

This blog post is written in honor of Gianna Floyd, 7 year old daughter of George Floyd, an African American man who was senselessly murdered by a police officer. You deserve flowers babygirl.

"L'union fait la force," this time crowds filled the streets of America with the fire of Dessalines. Screaming "no justice, no peace, no racist police." In my lifetime I have seen a change occur directly as a result of man coming together. White people, black people, asian people, hispanic people... people with autism, people in wheelchairs, people with light skin, people with dark skin... I saw ALL people uniting and demanding a social change. For the love of money, white men have withheld freedom from black men and women for far too long. With your foot on our necks you hear the sounds, "I can't breathe" and that makes you lean in all the more. It seems you won't be pleased until you've successfully destroyed our identities, concealed our titles as former King & Queens and frame us as mere "niggers" instead. Systemic racism defined as: "systems and structures that have procedures or processes that disadvantages African Americans." Marginalizes our ability to improve society across all nations.

How can we close the income gap if you let gunshots ring out before we even open the door to our futures? Stifling little girls like Gianna from breathing alongside their father's. Praying for a better tomorrow when we consistently use our faith to actively seek change.

Measuring success by the number of attempts to demand justice; we will never give up.

End Systemic Racism because little girls like Gianna deserve to receive flowers in a vase and not in a broken bundle to place on her daddy's grave.

We'd like to use this statement for justice to highlight some other (ehem... Swarthy Lion) black-owned brands that deliver a conscious message for the culture. Without fearless pioneers that risk themselves in business many of us would not have the representation of a successful black man or woman. Style icons pave the way for mini black designers like myself to go forward and initiate solutions to the problems that directly impact our community. Many of these brands donate to social causes and promote awareness of systemic disparities in the educational system, health care system, criminal justice system, economic system, and beyond. I promised you guys this list of my personal favorite designers and brands to follow since last year! The delivery of my Brandon Blackwood bag this past week prompted this blog post, and of course, we have to pay homage to the one's leading with style before us!

Accessories (jewelry)

Jessica Little

Lace By Tanaya

Shop Sassy Jones

Beauty/Hygiene/Personal Care

Ablaze Teeth Whitening

Black Girl Sunscreen

Blaque Broccoli

Buttah Skin

Edens Beauty

Fenty Beauty

Honey Pot Co.

Juvia's Place

Nene FemHealth

Nubian Chemistry

Pop of Love Beauty

Rayella Beauty

Soul Vibes Co.

The Lip Bar

Clothing Brands/Designers

Bad Girl, Good Human

Duckie Confetti

Eleven Thirty


Hello Barbie

Legendary Rootz

Mina Monroe

Mess in a Bottle

Modern Opulence

Nichole Lynel

Pyer Moss

Rabecca Onassis Boutique

Riot Swimwear

Stash House Miami


The Vault by Sacha

Thrilla Seven

Visioneri Clothing