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Caregiver Training In Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Updated: Apr 14

Becoming a healthy role model for your child is reflected in a parent's daily actions in the presence or absence of their children. Whether they are your children or not. This includes eating well, exercising, maintaining appropriate morning & nighttime routines at home, going to work, living a drug & alcohol free lifestyle, and resting on the Sabbath day.

Fellowship involves having kind and pleasant associations with like-minded people. Going to church is a great way to experience fellowship. Other ways/environments to fellowship with autistics in Atlanta, GA include:

In the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) parents are required to participate in ongoing caregiver & family training and will receive support to promote generalization of the client’s skills in the home and community settings. Generalization also known as carryover refers to a behavior change and whether it lasts over time, across settings, situations, and people. At Swarthy Lion Behavioral Health & Wellness LLC our family/caregiver training model involves:

  1. Modeling: In Applied Behavior Analysis, modeling is a practical way for a therapist to successfully train new skills. This involves the practitioner demonstrating appropriate interactions with the child's unwanted behaviors in the presence of caregivers.

  2. Education: Autistics deserve to have their sensory regulation needs met across caregivers and environments. This involves having open discussions with family members about behavioral observations and understanding concepts like ableism, assent, and the function(s) of problem behaviors. 

  3. Advocacy: A highly ethical environment will operate and maintain standards that are in the best interest of the client. With our Behavior Analyst, the caregiver(s) will identify environmental parameters (ex. how many rooms/items/people in the home does your child have access to) that potentially limit access to opportunities for social behavior(s). 

When you or your loved one sign up to receive ABA Therapy services from SLBHW, caregivers are presented with opportunities to collaborate with multidisciplinary providers and learn behavior analytic teaching strategies that can be used to improve structure in the home/community environments. Family/caregiver training can also be presented to siblings of individuals with autism in order to improve the quality of familial relationship(s). Click here to sign up for Family/Caregiver Training.


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