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About Our Leader

My name is Sindy Victor and my goal is to inspire individuals to become their most confident selves. "Self confidence is considered one of the most influential motivators and regulators of behavior in people's every day lives" (Bandura, 1986). I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who uses visual and empirical research to express the relevance of spirituality and diversity in order to overcome social anxiety and negative behavior patterns. Becoming a Christian leader empowered me to interact with people of diverse backgrounds, thus gaining a well-rounded skill set that I could use in order to heal from childhood wounds and unashamedly bring forth the confident woman God has called me to be. With more confidence I was able to access individuals with greater influence, thus putting me in contact with bigger ideas. This is how I achieved success. I believe that an individual can change by exerting objective and measurable actions that align with their internal desire's. This is why I use self management practices daily and want to teach you, how behavior analytic practices can improve your overall quality of living!