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Early intervention aims to accelerate the rate of child learning and foster new growth & development (Landa, 2018).



Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT)

Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT) methods involve breaking skills down into simplified steps and teaching those skills to children systematically. Children get rewards for all of their achievements, which encourages them to keep learning.

Natural Environment Teaching (NET)

Natural Environment Teaching (NET) methods involve using the motivation of the child (by incorporating interest areas) to learn new and socially significant skills. NET is frequently used with individuals who are on the autism spectrum as a way to help with the generalization of skills.

Pivotal Response Training (PRT)

Pivotal Response Training captures opportunities to build on learner initiative and interests, and is effective for developing communication, language, play, and social behaviors (Vismara & Begin, 2009). Learners with autism who receive this behavior analytic training are more likely to make generalized improvements in other areas.

Verbal Behavior Skills Training

Using the behavior analytic theories of B.F. Skinner, verbal behavior training employs systematic reinforcement methods to increase a learner's verbal repertoire using speech, picture exchange items (PECs), or augmentative communication devices.

Differential Reinforcement

Differential reinforcement is a technique used by ABA professionals to change behavior into something more desirable by withholding reinforcement for an unwanted behavior while providing reinforcement for the appropriate behavior. This can increase your learner's motivation for positive attention and rewards!

Self Management Training

Ideal for learners ready for independence, our self management training strategies are individualized to help each learner actualize his or her daily objectives. This may include independence with toileting, money management skills, and other executive functioning strategies that can build confidence in one's abilities!