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Spiritual Wellness

Awareness of a force that drives U.S. to sacrifice (non-religious)

Sorting Litter for Recycling

Giving decreases stress....

Evidence supports that, gift-giving behaviors, help humans secrete “feel good” chemicals in our brains, such as serotonin (a mood-mediating chemical), dopamine (a feel-good chemical) and oxytocin (a compassion and bonding chemical) (Cleveland Clinic, 2020).

Giving increases confidence....

Stress and depression are often linked to inner strife, so putting other people first through volunteerism or making a financial donation can shift our focus outside of ourselves. This new insight and perspective outside of your situation can lessen the impact of negative thoughts and make room for an increase in confidence (Talkspace, 2019). 

Happy Asian woman giving her daughter a piggyback ride
Youth Organization 1

Giving improves self esteem....

Researchers say that people who give their time to help others through community and organizational involvement have greater self-esteem than others (Cleveland Clinic, 2020).

Ways To Give

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