Unique Spectrum of People

U + Swarthy Lion come together to form a "unique spectrum of people," that L.E.A.D. people with autism spectrum disorders and related developmental disabilities to a true knowledge of God.

If we are genuine in our desire to know the truth, evidence can change our behavior. As demonstrated by psychologist Ivan Pavlov when he changed the field of behavior science by successfully training dogs to salivate at the sight of a fork.

In the Christian faith, repetitive demonstrations and testimonies of unhealed people, paved the way for Christ's body to become a stimulus for change. Although some may see science and religion as completely separate facets of life, religion can reach far beyond the realm of values and morals. 

The Bible says, "and do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind..." For loved ones and caretakers of individuals with developmental disabilities renewing a child's mind who is having a tantrum or running away from the church may be difficult. This is why we offer supportive materials and modified messages for individuals with autism and special needs seeking to learn more about God's Word.